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JLE is a multi faceted company offering a diverse range of services. From digital L.E.D. indoor/outdoor screens, to events, to artist tours, both Australian and international , theatrical agency, sound, lighting sales , service, installation and mobile Discos, JLE can and regularly does deliver it all.


With decades of experience the company can deliver the right solution for you, your group, organization, hotel or club.


John began his career in the 70’s in Sydney and has seen and done it all, working with just about every name in the Oz music business . From running tours in the 70s with AC DC, Hush , Ted Mulry, John Paul Young & working on the ABBA, Boz Scaggs, ELO, LRB tours , to the 80s with  Cold Chisel & The Angels among many others, to the 90s after settling in Coffs  with events like the Seekers, The Bolshoi Ballet, Moscow Circus , Savage Garden, silverchair etc, to the events of today including the Buskers Festival 2000-2022, numerous outdoor events & much much more , there is hardly an event or style he has not touched, . He has also worked with dozens of international acts over this time & has run or been part of over two thousand shows.


Steve Douglass is the technical brains of JLE and makes the ideas happen. Steve is a builder by trade & brings the technical expertise to the fore. Steve is able to take a concept and make it work . He joined JLE in 1991 and has since grown the business to include PA systems sound and lighting hire, professional AV installation & service and most lately, digital screen technology. A master at design, he is the very practical opposite to some of John’s ideas.

Also on board is the self taught boy genius Adam Smidt who can wrap his head around just about anything. Adam has a technical brain that is the envy of many and assists Steve in his many enterprises. From design to installation Adam can do it all.


Roslyn Gardener holds down the office & is responsible for the administration. She tries to keep some sanity in an otherwise crazy workplace.


From Sydney to the Queensland border , there is no other company that can offer this level of expertise or experience,


It is this that comes into play when you do business with JLE.

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